Insert Prefix And Suffix

"Welcome to the Text Numbering Tool! This handy tool allows you to easily add numerical or Roman numeral prefixes to a list of text items.

Simply enter your list of items in the input textarea, select the desired numbering type (numeric or Roman), and click the "Add Numbers" button. The tool will automatically format your list with the appropriate prefixes, which you can then copy and paste into your document or project.

This can be useful for creating structured outlines, numbered lists, or any other scenario where you need to quickly number a series of text items.

Feel free to play around with the tool and let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions for improvement. Enjoy!"

The key points to convey are:

This page provides a Text Numbering Tool Users can input a list of text items The tool will add numeric or Roman numeral prefixes to the list This can be helpful for creating outlines, lists, and other structured text The tool is easy to use and provides a copy functionality By briefly explaining the purpose and key features of the tool, users will have a clear understanding of what this page offers and how it can assist them with their text formatting needs.