Pie Chart Maker

The "Pie Chart Maker" is a user-friendly web-based tool designed to assist individuals in creating pie charts quickly and effortlessly. It offers a straightforward interface comprising input fields for essential chart parameters: the chart label, data points, and label names. Users can input numerical values for the data points, separated by commas, along with corresponding labels if desired. Additionally, a checkbox allows users to toggle the visibility of the chart legend.

Upon entering the required data and adjusting options, users can click the "Generate Chart" button to create a pie chart dynamically displayed within the web page. The chart visually represents the provided data, with each segment corresponding to a data point and labeled accordingly. Furthermore, lines connect the labels to their respective segments, aiding in understanding the relationship between labels and data.

The tool offers convenient functionalities for further interaction with the generated chart. Users can choose to print the chart directly from the web page or save it as a JPEG image file using the provided buttons. This feature enables users to easily incorporate the generated chart into reports, presentations, or other documents.